Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

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Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

Hot shot trucking usually involves a time sensitive load that needs to be delivered quickly.  The loads can be done using a standard size truck and flatbed trailer.

This is a great option for truckers that need to stay regional and not go over the road for weeks at a time.    Truckers doing hot shot loads can also charge more per mile due to the urgency of the load.  Many loads are called with only a short notice of needing to be delivered.

While Cargo coverage may not be mandatory, most companies will require you to carry $100,000 of cargo insurance to deliver for them.  Primary liability requirements may be at $1 million.


Common Coverages required to perform most “Hot Shot” loads:

Bodily Injury/ Property Damage:   Liability protection that covers the other person’s medical bills and property damage caused by an accident that you have caused.

Comprehensive: Covers against vandalism, fire, glass breakage, theft, hitting an animal, or hail/ weather damage.

Collision:  covers damages due to having an impact with another vehicle, stationary object, or pothole.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage:  Coverage for flat tire, towing, or other emergency roadside assistance

Rental with Downtime: Coverage that can pay you while your truck is down due to a covered accident.  Usually up to $100/ per day.

Medical Payments: Pays medical bills from an injury that occurred while operating your truck on a hot shot load

Cargo coverage:  Protection for the cargo while in your possession in case of a covered loss.  The most common coverage amount for cargo is $100,000.

Hot Shot Trucking Insurance
Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

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