Box Truck Insurance

Box Truck Insurance

We help people choose the correct insurance coverage for their trucks.

We offer all types of box truck insurance coverage.  You may own your own truck or be a fore-hire trucker, we have you covered.

If you own your own truck, we offer physical damage coverage to protect your vehicle in the event it is stolen or damaged in an accident.

Liability insurance protects you against people getting hurt from an accident you may cause, as well as property damage coverage.

If you are responsible for the cargo you are hauling or delivering, you might need Motor Truck Cargo insurance coverage.  This protects your goods while you’re hauling them.

General liability is always a suggested coverage as it protects the trucker against liability from “Slips, trips and falls” resulting in injury while loading or unloading a truck.  It also covers against cargo being damaged while loading or unloading and not in transit.

Box Truck Insurance

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